2013 Summer Chinese Language and Culture Camp
at Glen Ellyn School District 93
This five-day camp was held from 7/8 to 7/15 for five days, six hours a day.
Teachers were Mr. Kang, Ms. Tsou and Ms. Wen.

Upper class

Lower class

Learning numbers

Learning fruits

Learning Chinese characters derived from pictograms

Rhyme practice

my painted gourd

I made this dragon.

Let me try this string.

I can play it too.

Bandanas that we made.

How do I look?

This will make caterpillar hungry.

Prepare for a fashion show.

Chinese lion

Drum beats will guide the move of lion.

Chinese dragon

Ribbon dance

Taichi exercise

Tribal dance

River surrounding mountain

Hey! Look over here.

I can do that too.

Seedling dance

This is how you do it.

Are you ready?

We are well protected.

Peking Opera

More peking Opera moves.

Timing is everything.

This Chinese food is good.

Rice, beef, ...

Lunch time movie

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