2012 Summer Chinese Language and Culture Camp
at Glen Ellyn School District 41
This five-day camp was held from 6/18 to 6/22, six hours a day.
Teachers were Mr. Kang, Ms. Tsou, Ms. Wen and Ms. Zhang.

Mine is the best.

We are to speak Mandarin, right?

You would say "xie xie" when you receive a gift from someone.

Caterpillar still feels hungry.

I was in your grade before.

You all are gonna be my TAs when I start teaching Mandarin.

This is one of the forms in Tai Chi.

We want to walk like a lion.

Dragon likes to chase a pearl.

Nice job doing warm up!


Good job!

Does it look like a flower?

Looks good being together.

Lions will move according to your drum beats.

Good height!

Head and ...

I am going to turn modeling clay into a catepillar.

How do you like it?

I can do this.

Keep trying.

Hey! Look over here.

All off the ground now.

The color of the fan matches the color of my dress.

This is fun!

Do we want Chinese food again tomorrow?

Pizza is good.

I really like this.

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