2010 Summer Chinese Language and Culture Camp
at Glen Ellyn School Dististrict 41
This ten-day camp was held from 6/21 to 7/2, three hours a day.
Teachers were Ms. Lifang Tsou and Ms. Shuilan Wen.

Learning family members with Ms. Tsou.

I knew it. This is it!

3-D paper cutting products

Making my own bookmark

For T-shirt painting, please pick a picture to draw and some characters to write.

I'm going to paint this on my T-shirt!

Just in case you need to clean your hands.

This is a fun instrument!

Would you like to lead our chorus?

Practice makes it better.

We look great, don't we?

Fairies in the clouds.

Are you ready for a pose?

Kung Fu pose

Inviting parents/guardians to our presentation

It's good to learn Chinese, Ms. Wen said.

Simon says ...

I see.   Now I know how to fold it.

Miniature panda

Yours look really neat!

This is my dragon ... while I'm learning colors.

My first Chinese calligraphy ...

Symmetry is neat!

Have both sides done in one cut!

My design takes care of four sides in one cut.

Look!   A butterfly is approaching flowers!

Our personalized T-shirts

Chinese rhyme in rap

Isn't our circle as perfect as the one seen at 2008 Olympic?

I can do this.

I want to be a Chinese teacher when I grow up.

Our TA - Ms. Kristine Ilagan, just graduated from Glenbard East high school.

Arts and crafts - check this one out, Mom!

I made that dragon all by myself!

Dr. Anne Riebock, District 41 Superintendent, welcomed parents/guardians at the presentation.

Our Summer Camp in review


Guzheng - a Chinese string instrument

Do you know these umbrellas are actually made out of bamboo?

Now you know why "to look" is written like this in Chinese.

Spin, spin, spin. My kind of yo-yo's.

Can you see us?   We are in the clouds.

Our synchronization is awesome, isn't it.

Waving flags was the job of battlefield directors like us.

Watch out!   Cartwheels are coming !!

These are spears in the old days.

Shaolin fist, Haaaaah!

A taste of Kung Fu

A team of achievers at Chinese Summer Camp in District 41, Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

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