Xinchuan 2009 Summer Chinese Immersion Program at
Glenbard Township High School Dististrict 87 (Glen Ellyn)

Clasroom conversation

Speaking in Chinese with a native speaker

Hands-On activity

Chinese Calligraphy

Try it out and see what it feels like

Guzheng (Chinese zither)

A happy Chinese Royal Family

Chinese Chess

Lion Dance

Lion Dance Practice

Tribal dance


Ribbon Dance

Butterflies composed using silk fans

Fairy in clouds

Kung Fu in Peking Opera

A happy family of learners
Preparing for final presentation


Class Song

Tai Chi exercise

Photo with school administrators after cultural presentation

Teacher Mr. Kang was presented with a token of appreciation by Associated Superintendent Dr. Zimmermann

Invitation to the cultural presentation at the end of summer program

Cultural Presentation Repertoire

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